My Worst and My Goodies

Well I have a really bad day for the last two days and maybe I will too for the next 2 weeks.
I was playing with make up and my pluck-er yesterday, and I was trying to pluck my eyebrows and this is my first time. I randomly pluck the eyebrow on left side a LITTLE like 2 days ago, then yesterday I try to pluck it again and the other side, and this is the day my nightmare started. I was plucking the inner side of the right eyebrow and I think I gone way too far. It becomes uneven and it looks sooo ugly I swear! that’s actually happened to the left eyebrow too, but it’s not as worst as the right side ><
ImageLMAO! I’M DYING INSIDE! but I think it won’t be that visible so I’ll just go to school confidently until one of my bestie notice that, she tells my other besties and she’s like “LOOK GIRLS! HER EYEBROWS BEING PLUCKED AND IT LOOKS SO WEIRD”, they laughed at me along the break time and I’m like “It can’t be any worse, right?”. I’m so pissed off ==’ after I went home, I decided to googling how long does it takes to grows back because I can’t stay like this, and DANG! I find out it needs around 2 weeks or even a month…yea, what a nightmare. Imagine it, you’re going to school with uneven weird-looking eyebrows and you have to avoid looking at people for too long when you’re talking and you have to do that 2 weeks so they won’t notice your eyebrows… I’m sooooo done. I’ll just take that as lesson. “MUST.NOT.PLUCK” that way anymore…

Well, at least, I have the goodies this week. I met my childhood friends and we were hanging out together ^-^ they’re such an amazing friends~ their name is Arista and Dinda. We went to Festival City, badly we didn’t took any picture because we were too busy to have fun, we rode the horse carriage, walking around the pretty-shape lantern and shopping. We actually wanted to go the karaoke hall too, but it closed~ I won’t forget that moments! after all that fun, Arista told me that maybe she can’t meet me until the graduation. As my birthday is still on September and the graduation would be next year, she gave me an early birthday present and I’m soo happy with the present 😀

She bought me a pair of shoes that I wanted last day! Kyaa~ suppppeeer happy! ;D Maybe it’s not a super expensive pair of shoes, it’s not even has a famous brand but it means a lot to me. It’s cute anyway, I love the bows, the colorful buttons and the color, because I love brown so much.
Thanks for this Arista! love ya , mwah! ♥♥(ʃƪ˘˘ﻬ)~♥


Inspirational Fashion Style from “Love Rain”

Hey guys! what’s up? I hope you have a great day 🙂
Well this is my first post here, I was confused for few hours on what to post. But now, I guess I’ll just post something about fashion. Yep, I want to share about the fashion style from “Love Rain”  and also some tips to be exact. Maybe, some of you were questioning what Love Rain is? it’s a title of one of Korean Drama. I actually not a fan of korean drama or stuff like that, I got this from my best friend. The title sounds interesting so I decide to ask for the copies. There are 20 episodes in this drama and I watched ALL IN A DAY! HAHAHA *gasp* I sound like a crazy and lazy-ass girl but I think I am….so I don’t really care!~

After watching all the episodes, I think I’m in love at Ha Na’s clothes style (Ha Na is one of the actress in Love Rain played by Im YoonA). And I think I broke my replay button because I keep replaying each episodes just to observe the clothes style (.__.)Why do I love it? because to me, the clothes style is kinda cute and uncommon especially in here, Indonesia, yet it’s still simple and it’s kinda vintage-ish. So! I won’t waste more time and here’s some previews of the style :




Cute isn’t it? =3
I know it is and you cannot deny that ! *lol* also, we can see that Ha Na always use light/pastel colors and layered clothes here! then what’s special? THE LAYER COMBINATION! This style suits best for you girls who love vintage-ish, cute and feminine style. This also will look great on thin girls. No, I don’t suggest that this only for thin girls, NO! then why I said so? here’s the reasons :

  1. Layered clothes looks great on smaller/thinner girls because it would give an effect of bulky and meaty body. So, for curvy girls, if you want to try this style just be careful on choosing and don’t get too much layers or it’ll make you look fat. Make sure you get the right pattern combination also..
  2. Pastel/light colors (like yellow, blue, etc) will make people pay more attention to your bright and cute layered outfit instead of noticing your thin body and complain about it (I experienced that). I suggest if you’re thin, try to avoid darker colors like black and navy because they will make your body look slimmer. Beside, light colors will make you look more cheerful.
  3. Long Sleeve layers/sweater stuff will hide your bony area (if you have any) that maybe you don’t want to show like arms, wrist, shoulders and elbows.

what do you think?
Looking for spring or autumn look? or maybe a unique dating look? Give a try on this style! simple and pretty. Badly there only 2 seasons here because it’s tropical country, so I’ll just wear it as casual outfit and I won’t be able to use too much layer. one more to remember, “No matter what size you are, embrace your body and work with it!”
Okay, well I guess that’s all for now and I hope it’s useful!
Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment 😀