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How To Remove The Vocal From A Song using Audacity

Whoops! It’s been a long time since my last post, I have that lazy mood to update my blog x3 sorry! I have no idea what is it called, like you remove the vocal thingy from a song…so you could just use the instrumental sound mostly as karaoke! okay, juuust nevermind that random thing, leggo to the first step~!

  • You have to download the software first in here, I believe it wont take much time
  • Open the software and it’ll look like below. Then click “File” the open your desired song


  • Wait until it’s imported and it’ll looks like this :

ImageAfter that, click the small arrow on left side of that song waves, then pick “Split Stereo Track”


it’ll show up like this after being splitted. I marked it with red box so you can notice the differences :


  • Double click one of the song bar then click effect on top option bar -> Invert.


  • After the song in one of that bar being inverted, click again on the small arrow on left side of that song waves, then choose “mono”. Do same option to the other bar


Now you just need to click that play button (green arrow >) and voila!

Okay that’s all, sorry if it wasn’t clear enough because this is my first tutorial post and you can ask in post section, or you can add my Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ShintaWidirahayu/ or follow my Twitter : @Shinta_Wdr. It might be not work for some people but at least, it works for me. So good luck and hope it helped 😀