About Ulzzang!

Urgh, what’s that? what the f*ck is ulzzang?
Yep, maybe you guys has been questioning about the title and the meaning of it. Well let me explain it!
In general meaning, Ulzzang means “Best Face”. It’s a korean slang term which is used to call people with attractive face and style, but it’s not just about that because not all koreans with attractive face and style are ulzzang. You need to join an Ulzzang TV show called “Ulzzang Shidae”. Here, you will be judged whether you fulfill the criteria of being an Ulzzang or not, if you do then you’ll become an ulzzang. It’s actually not that easy because it’s kind of competition that you have to make the netizen keeps attracted to you, otherwise…you’re out! There’s a lots of fanspage now which held ulzzang competition especially in Facebook but it won’t make you being called as Ulzzang even if you win. Because if you win, then you just win and maybe gain a bit of popularity in certain social media. The famous ulzzang use a site called “Cyworld” to share their pictures and gain popularity on internet. It’s different with Net-Idol that only being famous on the internet, Ulzzang also being famous in real. Some of them also being models, presenter, singer, etc.

Go DurimLee Dong HoonYoon Ah RaLee NamsuHaneulAh Reum SongYiJi YoonMiThat was the pictures of some ulzzangs I know, like AhReumSongYi, HaNeul, Yoon AhRa, Go Durim and many others. As you can see, they have some certain features which is the same.Dolly eyes, V-shape face, small lips, small pointed nose, flawless skin and skinny body but after all, the eyes are the main part and the spotlight from an Ulzzang look. They get their huge dolly eyes by using circle-lens and using some eye makeup tricks like mascara and eyeliner, they achieve their flawless dewy skin by using BB cream, foundation or any other products relate to it. And how could they get their defined V-shape face? most of Ulzzangs get them from plastic surgery or they just edit it by using photoshop or handuri (Famous korean photo editor). Some of them only use the make-up trick instead, like shading their face to achieve that V-shape.
Actually, being ulzzang isn’t just about the look but also your personality. It means that beside having pretty/attractive look, you must have a good personality to the public 🙂 oh and 1 more! their fashion style! I love their fashion style as it looks so classic, simple and cute. Here are some captions ^^:


Ulzzang-fashion-uzzlang-world-33847373-500-358Cute isn’t it? I fell in love with their style, like the way they combine the colors and every pieces of their clothes. They love to use bright-colored or pastel colors like children because it makes them appear fresher, youthful and cuter.

mmmkay…I actually don’t really know about Korea or K-POP but I just getting so excited about ulzzang stuff. This probably isn’t the best explanation I could give but yeah xD

Have a nice weekend! ♥


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