Review of Shutter Island Movie


Hey peeps!Just watched a movie, it’s Shutter Island. It’s an awesome movie that my brain lost it’s virginity on this movie lol. This movie makes my mind fucked!! and I’m still confused about the twisting plots and story in this movie, I think I must re-watch it ;^;

This movie is directed by Martin Scorsese with psychological thriller. Played by Leonardo DiCaprio as a federal U.S Marshall named Teddy Daniels, the government sent him and his new partner Chuck Aule to investigate a case about a patient named Rachel Solando which is mysteriously disappeared from Ashecliffe Asylum which located in small island called “Shutter Island”, the only way to access to there is by Ferry. This asylum is place where brutal killers with mental illness are handled and prisoned in 3 different buildings, Building A, B and C.  Teddy and his partner feel something is wrong with the head of the asylum, Dr. Cawley as it’s like he’s trying to hide something. Teddy is suspicious that there’s an illegal practice of lobotomy here. What’s Lobotomy? it’s kind of method to cure madness by remove a piece of the frontal lobe of your brain through your eyes and more like mind-controlling. Teddy works pretty hard to assemble the proof but the hospital side always try to block his ways.  Until then, Teddy lost his partner and got hallucination about his dead wife which ask him to leave the island soon and he also got weird dream over and over, it makes him questioning which is real and which is just hallucination. So, what’s actually happening there? Will teddy makes it to escape from this island and reveal everything?

in case you don’t know it, it’s actually an old movie released in 2010. Watch the movie to find out and prepare your brain! Have a nice day~


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