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How To Remove The Vocal From A Song using Audacity

Whoops! It’s been a long time since my last post, I have that lazy mood to update my blog x3 sorry! I have no idea what is it called, like you remove the vocal thingy from a song…so you could just use the instrumental sound mostly as karaoke! okay, juuust nevermind that random thing, leggo to the first step~!

  • You have to download the software first in here, I believe it wont take much time
  • Open the software and it’ll look like below. Then click “File” the open your desired song


  • Wait until it’s imported and it’ll looks like this :

ImageAfter that, click the small arrow on left side of that song waves, then pick “Split Stereo Track”


it’ll show up like this after being splitted. I marked it with red box so you can notice the differences :


  • Double click one of the song bar then click effect on top option bar -> Invert.


  • After the song in one of that bar being inverted, click again on the small arrow on left side of that song waves, then choose “mono”. Do same option to the other bar


Now you just need to click that play button (green arrow >) and voila!

Okay that’s all, sorry if it wasn’t clear enough because this is my first tutorial post and you can ask in post section, or you can add my Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ShintaWidirahayu/ or follow my Twitter : @Shinta_Wdr. It might be not work for some people but at least, it works for me. So good luck and hope it helped 😀


Favourite Song of Mine #1

Hey, well I just found a good song like few hours ago and I think I fall in love with this song! Idk but I just feel I can relate to that song. I personally think this song is just so good, calm and sweet. The title is Into You by Adhitia Sofyan, he’s an Indonesian singer and arranger. He’s not so famous but his song is just amazing! Oh, and there’s the lyrics on if you wanna sing along with the song. Enjoy and have a good day :)♥

About Ulzzang!

Urgh, what’s that? what the f*ck is ulzzang?
Yep, maybe you guys has been questioning about the title and the meaning of it. Well let me explain it!
In general meaning, Ulzzang means “Best Face”. It’s a korean slang term which is used to call people with attractive face and style, but it’s not just about that because not all koreans with attractive face and style are ulzzang. You need to join an Ulzzang TV show called “Ulzzang Shidae”. Here, you will be judged whether you fulfill the criteria of being an Ulzzang or not, if you do then you’ll become an ulzzang. It’s actually not that easy because it’s kind of competition that you have to make the netizen keeps attracted to you, otherwise…you’re out! There’s a lots of fanspage now which held ulzzang competition especially in Facebook but it won’t make you being called as Ulzzang even if you win. Because if you win, then you just win and maybe gain a bit of popularity in certain social media. The famous ulzzang use a site called “Cyworld” to share their pictures and gain popularity on internet. It’s different with Net-Idol that only being famous on the internet, Ulzzang also being famous in real. Some of them also being models, presenter, singer, etc.

Go DurimLee Dong HoonYoon Ah RaLee NamsuHaneulAh Reum SongYiJi YoonMiThat was the pictures of some ulzzangs I know, like AhReumSongYi, HaNeul, Yoon AhRa, Go Durim and many others. As you can see, they have some certain features which is the same.Dolly eyes, V-shape face, small lips, small pointed nose, flawless skin and skinny body but after all, the eyes are the main part and the spotlight from an Ulzzang look. They get their huge dolly eyes by using circle-lens and using some eye makeup tricks like mascara and eyeliner, they achieve their flawless dewy skin by using BB cream, foundation or any other products relate to it. And how could they get their defined V-shape face? most of Ulzzangs get them from plastic surgery or they just edit it by using photoshop or handuri (Famous korean photo editor). Some of them only use the make-up trick instead, like shading their face to achieve that V-shape.
Actually, being ulzzang isn’t just about the look but also your personality. It means that beside having pretty/attractive look, you must have a good personality to the public 🙂 oh and 1 more! their fashion style! I love their fashion style as it looks so classic, simple and cute. Here are some captions ^^:


Ulzzang-fashion-uzzlang-world-33847373-500-358Cute isn’t it? I fell in love with their style, like the way they combine the colors and every pieces of their clothes. They love to use bright-colored or pastel colors like children because it makes them appear fresher, youthful and cuter.

mmmkay…I actually don’t really know about Korea or K-POP but I just getting so excited about ulzzang stuff. This probably isn’t the best explanation I could give but yeah xD

Have a nice weekend! ♥

⊱✿Text Arts!✿⊰

Does any of you are getting interested in text art and find those arts unique? I don’t know but I think I do. I find these arts are soo amazing! I wish I could make it someday. What’s text art? it’s kind of art where you make a figure/picture of someone using the symbols in keyboards and mostly like autotext symbols. I’m not sure about the definition but at least it’s more like that. I’ll give you few examples of Text Arts :

想你     想你   想你    想你 想你 想你想.
想你   想你 想你  想你   想你  想你.
想你   想你   想你 想你  想你  想你 想你想.
想你   想你   想你  想你 想你    想你.
想你   想你  想你  想你想     想你.
想你想见你 想你想你    想你     想你 想你想.




……(░(¯ `·.\|/.·´¯)░)
….(░(¯ `·.(█).·´¯)░░(¯`:´¯)░)
……(░(_.·´/|\`·._)(¯ `·.\|/.·´¯)░)
………(░(_.:._).░(¯ `·.(█).·´¯)░)
….(░(¯ `·.\|/.·´¯)░░(¯ `·.\|/.·´¯)░)
…(░(¯ `·.(█).·´¯)░(¯ `·.(█).·´¯)░)
….(░(¯ `·.\|/.·´¯)░░(¯ `·.\|/.·´¯)░)
…(░(¯ `·.(█).·´¯)░(¯ `·.(█).·´¯)░)

“forever friends”


“this is barney from flintstones!”


“Fail whale”

♪ღ♪░H░A░P░P░Y░ B░I░R░T░H░D░A░Y░░♪ღ♪

─╔‡‡‡‡‡╗ ──♥──╔═╦══╗

╚══`.¸.Your lover’s name

ஜ۩۞۩ஜ Friend’s NAME ஜ۩۞۩ஜ

█▄█ █▀█ ▀█▀
█▀█ █▄█ ♥█

“Aww thanks! xD”

Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★Christmas★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門| ˚And a happy new year!



Okay! there actually tons of it but I think this is just enough lol. You could get more from facebook text art Fanspages or you can get from this website. Sorry for the long updates, I’m quite busy now. Hope you like it 🙂

Review of Shutter Island Movie


Hey peeps!Just watched a movie, it’s Shutter Island. It’s an awesome movie that my brain lost it’s virginity on this movie lol. This movie makes my mind fucked!! and I’m still confused about the twisting plots and story in this movie, I think I must re-watch it ;^;

This movie is directed by Martin Scorsese with psychological thriller. Played by Leonardo DiCaprio as a federal U.S Marshall named Teddy Daniels, the government sent him and his new partner Chuck Aule to investigate a case about a patient named Rachel Solando which is mysteriously disappeared from Ashecliffe Asylum which located in small island called “Shutter Island”, the only way to access to there is by Ferry. This asylum is place where brutal killers with mental illness are handled and prisoned in 3 different buildings, Building A, B and C.  Teddy and his partner feel something is wrong with the head of the asylum, Dr. Cawley as it’s like he’s trying to hide something. Teddy is suspicious that there’s an illegal practice of lobotomy here. What’s Lobotomy? it’s kind of method to cure madness by remove a piece of the frontal lobe of your brain through your eyes and more like mind-controlling. Teddy works pretty hard to assemble the proof but the hospital side always try to block his ways.  Until then, Teddy lost his partner and got hallucination about his dead wife which ask him to leave the island soon and he also got weird dream over and over, it makes him questioning which is real and which is just hallucination. So, what’s actually happening there? Will teddy makes it to escape from this island and reveal everything?

in case you don’t know it, it’s actually an old movie released in 2010. Watch the movie to find out and prepare your brain! Have a nice day~

❦Realita Cinta Biru Putih❦

Pernah ga sih ngalamin jatuh cinta ato suka sama lawan jenis pas masa SMP? pasti ada yang pernah donk! kliatannya emang dangkal banget secara masih SMP dan masih tergolong kategori setengah bocah TAPI kalo yang namanya perasaan suka, ya ga mandang kelas tapi tampang 😀 contohnya diri sendiri ini ‘-‘ tapi gue mungkin boleh bilang kalo SMP ini gue udah mulai memahami makna jatuh cinta itu apa dan gimana nyeseknya kalo patah hati. Rasanya dada gue kaya’ diiket erat banget, trus air mata gabisa dibendung lagi, NYESEK BANGET DEH!  gue mau cerita nih, skalian gue selipin gambar-gambar biar ga bosen 😛
ImageGue suka sama seorang cowok dan sebut aja Gee, erm…sebenernya gue udah lama suka sama dia sejak dari kelas 7 SMP dan sekarang udah kelas 9, dia seumuran sih sama Gue. Oh iya, tempat tinggal kita kepisah lumayan jauh tapi masih 1 negara, negara apa anak-anak? INDONESIA! jadi kita sering gitu chattingan, bahkan video caming tapi rame-rame. Ih, menurut gue, dia itu orangnya lucu dan slalu bikin gue ketawa, dia juga imut banget dan rada flirty (rada ngegombal  & genit gmn gitu, BUKAN ganjen) pokoknya lucu deh! tapi dia gampang bosen dan mood swings-nya ga stabil ato singkatnya moody, tapi gapapa lah ya because everybody have their own flaws. Tapi pas memasuki kelas 8, gatau kenapa gue udah jarang dan NYARIS ga pernah chatting sama dia kaya’ dia ilang gitu aja dan disitu gue galau (っ╯_╰˘)

Sampai suatu ketika, gue suka cowok lain (eaaa!) sebut aja Nick. Tapi itu ga bertahan lama setelah gue tau dia ga punya prasaan yang sama ke gue. Gue merasa nyesek waktu itu, bahkan sempet nangis itu baru pertama kali gue nangis karna cowok, pokoknya Galau Level : dewa. *Galau mulu ya bawaannya!* dan akhirnya, kelas 8 hampir berakhir dan si Gee ini muncul lagi!~ ga kebayang gue seneng banget >< *jingkrak-jingkrak sampe kasur jebol* disitu galau dan risau gue hilang gara-gara dia balik. Sejak saat itu kita sering lagi chattingan terutama lewat virtual chat “H***O“. Disitu, kita bisa chatting dan dandanin avi kita, juga bisa dagang. Bisa dibilang Game+Virtual Chat. Pas liburan tiba, kita sering begadang bareng, crita-crita dan ketawa bareng sampe perut sakit. Menurut gue sih, urm…dia itu beda sama cowok-cowoHuggingk yang gue suka sebelumnya. Gue ngerasa aja kita punya beberapa kesamaan. Waktu itu, kita juga pernah ngomongin masalah masa depan.
Talk about the future like we had clue” – katy pery
That’s what Katy sang, kita bayangin gimana besok kalo udah kuliah trus temen-temen Habbo pada nikah and stuff like that. Seru ngebayangin hal kaya’ gitu karna seolah-olah kita mengatur mini skenario buat hidup kita dan ga langsung kita jadi sutradara dan pemeran utama. Lucu deh kalo ngebayangin dan juga sempet berharap bisa tetep stay connecting. Nampaknya kita musti pake HP nokia karna nokia slalu connecting people wkwkwk (˘ڡ˘) *apasih#$@^!* waktu itu juga pernah dia dimarahin sama anak-anak habbo laen, gue sedih juga liatnya 😥 pengen belain dia tapi rasanya beku aja…

Setelah beberapa minggu, akhirnya dia mulai bosen sama Habbo dan akhirnya dia jarang main dan jarang lagi deh chattingan sama begadang 😦  tapi sekarang kita chatting lewat fesbuk sampe sekarang. Entah kenapa, gue ngerasa aneh dan rada beda aja gitu…mungkin ga ya kalo dia tau gue suka sama dia? gue sendiri sebenernya bingung antara dia suka apa nggak sama gue karna dia sendiri juga ga pernah bilang gitu. Ato mungkin, dia pernah suka sama gue tapi sekarang udah nggak? gatau deh ya… yang jelas sampe’ sekarang gue masih suka sama dia. Tapi kadang…gue sebagai cewe’ suka minder sendiri, erm gue juga sadar ya, gue kan bukan cewek yang cantik dan meskipun beberapa orang bilang gue cantik dan manis tapi gue pribadi ga ngeliat itu, malah menurut gue, gue itu average banget DATAAAAR MEN! gue juga bisa dibilang kudet dan ga terlalu update fashion style dan mungkin bisa dibilang selera gue itu aneh, jadul atau kampungan. Of course I have flaws because I’m a normal human (>╭╮<) Rasanya, kaya ga pantes aja kalo gue berharap sama dia karna cewe jarang juga kayak gitu. Dia jg kaya’nya terlalu baik buat gue dan rada ga mungkin suka sama gue ya? dari kejadian awal gue sama Nick, gue belajar buat ga terlalu percaya kalo dia bener-bener suka sama gue kecuali dia ngomong itu langsung. Jadi ya, gue ga surprise kalo misalnya jd korban PHP lagi ;-;

1 hal juga yang gue inget, gue pernah bilang ke dia kalo gue bakal kuliah di UGM di Jogya dan dia bilang “oke, gue kulanime kore GIRL (85)iah disana juga. Kita sekampus”,  jujur gue seneng tapi juga bingung antara beneran apa engga, mungkin gue aja terlalu serius. Paling dia juga udah lupa sekarang kalo dia pernah ngomong gitu…

Dalam lubuk hati paling dalam *eaaalay* gue pengen banget beneran ketemu dia, skalipun dia engga *maksa*gue pengen ambil semua kesempatan yang ngebuat gue bisa ketemu dia. Walaupun suatu saat nanti dia ngga sama gue, dan mungkin juga gue bakal sama lainnya tp gue akan tetep seneng bisa ketemu dia. Salah satu halangannya ya karna gue masih SMP dan orangtua masih nganggep gue ababil.

Mungkin gue ga bakal bisa ngomong soal ini ke dia (ಥ̯ ಥ) dan ceritanya rada alay gmn gitu sih emg, tp ya bodo deh. Gue kadang iri dan sering terharu gajelas kalo liat orang lagi pacaran berduaan apalagi kalo film pake backsound gah!! *demam film*
Gue bener-bener pengen ketemu dia, dan mungkin suatu saat dia bakal tau…ato juga engga :
“Makasi udah buat gue slalu ketawa dan bahkan sampai sakit perut dan lo perlu tau walaupun lo bakal “bomat”, gue sedih banget kalo sms/inbox gue ga lo bales ♥(>̯┌┐<)•°” rada maklum karna dia gamer =3= jadi yaaa tau kan ya, sibuk games jadi siap-siap aja panas dingin wkwkwk.

Semua hal diatas bakal gue capture dan gue bingkai di ingatan gue.
dan realita cinta biru putih ini, bakal jadi salah satu kenangan indah gue dan gue berharap bisa nemuin ujung ceritanya nanti.

Ied Mubarak 1434 Hijriah

There maybe some people who celebrate it today or tomorrow, so I would like to say that to all of moslem all over the world (esp. my big families, best friends and Indonesians)
“please forgive all my mistakes and my hurtful words I have ever said to you in the past and as my apologizing, I make this special picture by myself”. Have a nice day♡

Cute Doodle Pictures and Quotes II

Heya! I’m back~
as I said in my previous post, I would post more doodle pictures 😀 I didn’t find good doodle pictures that much but whatever, and here they are :


ImageOkay~!! well this is the last one and I hope you like it too 🙂 because I think this one is cuter than the previous! xD 😛

♫Have a nice day folks♫

Cute Doodle Pictures and Quotes

Hey~ what’s up??
I’m so great here even I had cramp few hours ago, but I’m better now. And sooo….I was planning to buy some garskins for my phone to make it look cuter lol. In case of it, I spent my spare time to searching and browsing some cute pictures for my garskin theme. And that awkward moment when you just wanted to search about 1 thing, but ended up searching some random and silly stuff. Well that’s happen to me all the time XD and yeah, I found some cute doodle pictures and I’m so delighted to share it with you!~











Mmmkay! I think that’s all for now, I hope you like it~♥ I probably will post another picture later, so just check for my blog updates if you need more 😀
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